Upload looping for 3 days

Hi there, i understand there is very little you can do for me except forward plans to address the problem in your next update but i find the upload system very frustrating to the point im ready to cancel my subscription. I am in the process of moving into a remote location and sadly have to revert back to a very unstable BT phone line internet service. My laptop (As most are these days) does not have Ethernet so im working on WiFi, I have a 2Gig track im trying to upload and have been doing so for 3 days. Every time i leave my laptop beside the router for several hours then pop back to check it, the track has obviously dropped and begun uploading again. This has been going on day and night and as as result my laptop has been tied up trying to complete this very simple task of an upload. I find this unbelievably frustrating to the point i have even converted my WAV file to MP3 to decrease size (Which still isnt helping). I'm now faced with a 5 hour round trip and 2 hour waiting time to get myself to a stable connection to complete this very simple task.

Surely with today's technology this is a situation that just shouldn't be tolerated by paying customers.


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Okay so today i managed to complete the upload of a substandard MP3 encoded version of my track with much celebration. Sadly it never lasted long as I found as soon as the track completed, it vanished!
Okay so this time I monitored the end of the upload to see what is going on and it would appear when the upload reaches 100% it just begins again instead of transcoding. The only difference is that instead of showing a percentage in orange next to the search box it just shows 'uploading' in white text. Any clues are welcome as this is day 3 of frustration!


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