Why are all the plays on this song gone?

Yesterday this song that I released with my friends had 2000+ plays and I wake up today and go to listen to it and it only has 150-something plays on it. Why did SoundCloud take plays away from our song?

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I also have the issue with my playlist count in the last hour, they have all but gone
This just happened to me as well. It's shows correctly in stats but not on my profile
Same thing just happened to my mixtape. 3 tracks on it so far got reset to 0.

my track was at 6507 now 194 can someone fix this please b4 I snap :*(
same, tracks at 5k and 2.5k now at 78 and 137 plays, wtf is this?
The exact same thing happened to me. It's so annoying. I'm pretty sure it's a bug though.
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Hi everyone,

Yes, this is a bug. Please see our Status Blog for further updates.