Stats show songs played "other"

We only have 3 tracks up - mastered. A while ago we had some demo material up, what "other" tracks could someone be listening to? I have looked to see if there is any lingering demo material out there and I do not see any. Stats show two specific songs played today and then 2 "other" songs... what could this be?

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Hi Photona,

Just came across this rather old topic. I would believe that this was merely a glitch on our end. Please see here what "others" mean in the stats section:

All the best
The page doesn't say anything about "other tracks". Talks about "other people", "other countries" but not Tracks. I have the same issue.

Thx for any help
I have the same issue. Is it connected to 'other people' so it can't say which track the 'other people' played?
SC can be really really frustrating ..
Same here, most track plays are now 'other';

Maybe I should change the names of all my tracks to Other Tracks!


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