Lost All My Plays On track

i recently just noticed i went from 13k to 16 plays that is a insane amount change there now my plays aren't accurate
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I just had the same issue. I had about 4K plays on a track and now it went to 2 plays! Will this be resolved?
Same issue. Hopefully it will be resolved shortly.
me too eventhough its not that much, but it still sucks...
same here. what the hell is wrong?
just loss 7k plays on my track then 5k on my other!
I posted a track 1month ago and had 800 plays on it and it is now on 4 plays!
Soundcloud i hope you guys aren't upholding this type of reputation.
This just happened to me, I'm guessing it's a system bug? https://soundcloud.com/skeptorzion/skeptic-belly
Same issue here! I am a new podcast and posted a track 9 days ago, had almost 400 plays, now it says 6 :(
Same! My new tape had 2.3k now its at 115.

Same shit here...5K plays down to 233...WTF
Same thing happened to me just now my song went from 906 to 45 plays I hope my plays aren't permanently gone this has happened to other songs I've had to where they all lost 100 plays but I've never lost 800 plays
my track was at 6507 now 194 can someone fix this please :*( I'm depressed https://soundcloud.com/maysinpure/getmaced
Happened to me too ..went from 3.5K to only 115
I have the same Problem. From 8K to 134 plays...
same happened to me, from 5k to 291... whats the matter?
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Hello everyone,

The erroneous behavior you're reporting was caused by a bug that is currently being investigated by our engineers. Please see our status blog for updates.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation with this matter. We will provide an update as soon as possible.

Thank you & all the best