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Pro member for a long long time. Daily follows from legitimate (and bots which is another issue you guys need to fix) listeners yet my Follower Count remains the same/fluctuates unrealistically. Also, remove the 2,000 follows limit. I can handle your shitty feed/stream page (even though that needs a huge rework as well) even if you don't believe in your programming/coding to display it properly/work as intended.

In short:
Receiving daily followers, number hovers/fluctuates ~350
Receiving daily spam and bot-posts
Cannot follow more than 2,000 artists
Soundcloud Stream page is a joke and resource hog (add the ability to "X" out of listened to songs as you scroll down, also add in the ability to filter out Reposts/Shares and other options)

Come on Soundcloud.. get your shit together please. You are being paid yet are not providing the services you claim to be paid for. This is illegal.
My artist url is I count my followers and some times its higher and some times its lower but I have been stuck at 510 for over two years while activity on my page still happens. There is no way I could consistently lose followers every time I gain followers for over two years plus as I said when I manually count the numbers don't match up.


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