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Hello, today I have purchased SC go subscription for my phone.I signed in to my account , liked 3 songs, went to likes list and saw that my songs are downloading for offline listening.Then I played any of them and the song refuses to play and stops from the very beginning.I tried to reinstall application and cleared it cache but still this trouble.I am using xiaomi redmi 3s and SD card !
Here are my screens , I can also send a video of u need it.
P.S.Let's resolve because I ve been using SoundCloud for so many years already and I don't want ask you for refund!

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I am experiencing the same issue since about late march/beginning of april. I am on iOS (with Go), everything up-to-date.
My observations:
- It is random, but seems to effect mixes more than single tracks
- It happens on free tracks as well als Go exclusice content
- It is not influenced by internet connection
- It is not consitent for tracks meaning that tracks that once played might not be playing when you try to play them again and vice versa.

I found a workaround: Try skipping a few seconds into the track. Usually it continues playing. Its justs really annoying.
Since the latest iOS Soundcloud update, my offline tracks will not start playing by themselves. They appear to be loading but will never load past 0:00 unless I move the track to a time other than 0:00 e.g. 0:05 or even 1:57 then it will play the track fine until the next one. I have deleted and reinstalled the app, it only affects offline tracks.
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Hi there,

Please see here for troubleshooting offline listening issues:
Mathis wrote:

Hi there,

Please see here for troubleshooting offline listening issues:

Mathis, did you read what we all wrote? What you have posted has nothing to do with the issue(s)in question. Also, please note that for the page you linked, less than 8% of people viewing it found it useful.


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