Playback error on iOS after updating file

Just like the tittle says, I've update one I've my songs and not it's not playing on the iOS app.
I've deleted and reinstalled the app and signed in and out
Song in question.

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Song in question
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Happening in ANdroid as well. It is clearly a malfunction of Soundcloud's encoder or transcoder utility. Am I wrong to assume that? How inconvenient that this has been happening for a month. I reupload a track *THE SINGLE FEATURE I PAY FOR and now this isn't working.

What is the explanation for this month + long bug?

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Hi there Double~A~SpaceMonkey Prod,

Your track should now be playing properly.

@Louie - I can understand your frustration. Fixing this issue unfortunately is not an easy thing to do. Our engineers are in the midst of getting this fixed though so I hope I can soon update the community and announce the fix was deployed and fully processed.

In the meantime, it will be extremely helpful for me to help you if you could mention the track in question - there is a manual fix on a track by track basis, so if I know the track, I can help on a case by case basis as an interim workaround.

I have the same problem with a song I replaced. It replaced it and plays fine on the computer but the IOS app can't find the file. It just says loading error.
This is the track.
I have the same problem with the five tracks on my EPFUMC playlist. Could you fix these for me please? Thank you.
My latest mix set won't load on the IOS app:
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Hi there,

The tracks that were reported since my last update should now be working properly.



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