Likes "disappear" on Soundcloud ios App

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I have about 1800 likes on Soundcloud, as it is my main music app, but whenever I open the app, my likes go down from 1800 to about 300. If I scroll down then then the rest of the tracks will load, and this used to be a fix, and my likes would only disappear when I refreshed my profile. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, does anybody know how to fix it? Thanks for any help.
Edit: Just noticed it is doing the same thing on the website. Could it have something to do with my number of likes?

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I just had about 40 +/- likes disappear from my most recent upload.
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Sorry I should clarify. My liked songs, not likes on a track I uploaded.
Same issue here! Seems to be my downloads stays between 309-310 then when i download new tracks they get bumped down with the other "likes" I have for which the downloads aren't being retained.
My soundcloud is doing the same thing!! I have about 1,113 liked tracks. But, on my phone it only has 3 hundred something saved for offline. I don't know why it's happening or how to fix it. Also, it does the same about when you scroll down it begins to save them...weird.
If you check the settings there's a function for 'Only Update Data Over-WiFi' (Only update new likes etc. over Wi-Fi) - toggle that switch.

In regard to SOUNDCLOUD GO: If you’d like to have your entire Collection of Likes and playlists automatically saved for offline listening, go to your offline listening settings and turn on Save automatically. For more info visit
The same exact thing is happening to me and there is no reassurance from various responses by people. Can someone please help with this issue? This is the primary reason I have it for being in the mountains and snowboarding, and I can't listen to well over half my songs. It keeps the likes to around 309 when I have 700+. Someone please help with this issue.
Fuck soundcloud I've done all the possible things that are supposed to help yet don't do shit and I'm still paying fucking money for something that doesn't even work


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