Upload quota: I've deleted tracks but still can't upload more.

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Tried deleting tracks, tried logging in and out, deleting hidden tracks, closing browser--what am I doing wrong?

I had just exceeded my three hour upload time, so I went to my profile and deleted almost 30 min of content. Even with all of that, it still says I'm 1 min over the limit, so I deleted two more 4 min songs, and it still says that I'm 1 min over. I did the math and I am only at about 95:40 of my 180 min. This is really frustrating especially since I'm in talks with a label and this is the best platform for them to listen to my music. Please fix this problem ASAP or at least tell me how to fix it.
My account reached full capacity. I deleted all my tracks because I wanted to start over with a few select tracks. Even with no tracks it's still saying that I've reached my limit. What should I do?
I'm having the same problem.. have already posted here before asking for too. Would appreciate so much if any one from site management help me.

MY account link :
I just had a similar issue, I deleted a track to make space and SoundCloud still thinks that it's there. It's no longer online but SoundCloud apparently doesn't care that I need more space :@.
What do I do????

I am NOT the only one having this problem and I'm not going to delete my ENTIRE playlist just to try and see if i can get it to work. I want to upload this track and it wont let me! When I started it said i was over my 3 hour limit by 2 minutes. I deleted 6 songs and it STILL SAYS I'M OVER THE LIMIT! Help me! I've tried everything!
I found same problem.It forces you to pay money to upgrade to a pro account, very poor from SoundCloud. Going to MixCloud instead.
Deleted track to make room, signed out cleared browser cache & cookies, tried a different browser, still says I'm over limit
I've the same problem... You’re over your free 3-hour limit by 18 minutes.... and I've two tracks that are 130 minutes in total...


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