Upload quota: I've deleted tracks but still can't upload more

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You my friend are gonna need to upgrade to SoundCloud Pro, or Premium to get more upload time.
Same problem. I'm a Pro account folder and it says I can't upload any new tracks. I've tried deleting old tracks, but even though I get the message: "Track deleted" and it tells me my overall track number has lowered, I still can't upload anything new, and a refresh of the page (or log out and back in) just restores the tracks I've previously deleted. Really frustrating.
I have the same problem. need help please
So due to lack of storage space, i basically deleted about 3 mixes from my soundcloud account to make room for a new mix . after doing so i still get the same message "You’re over your free 3-hour limit by 73 minutes. Get more minutes to upload more".
Anyone can see if they view my profile that I'm using roughly 95min (1hr 35min). Is this an error or am i doing/reading something wrong???


P.S. my account was Pro prior to my last upload - had to cancel my card and never bothered to renew - not sure if that plays a factor
I have canceled my Pro subscription recently and discovered that I am over my free 3-hour limit by 92 minutes. I have removed 3 mixes (half an hour each) and I am still over my free 3-hour limit by 92 minutes. Is it a bug? How it can be fixed?
I deleted an old track but it still says my account is over the limit, I have checked my tracks and nothing is there.
I'm getting my soundcloud account tidy to make some room for new tracks, i'm still not a pro user.

Well, i've deleted several tracks i don't need online, and they do last about 7/10 minutes each. When i'm uploading new sounds, soundcloud says i'm over the limit. I've looked in forums and also in here, but looks like you have to specificly go to my account and see what happens. Anyway, in my track page, i can see 13 tracks, plus one removed due to copyright resons long time ago, but soundcloud count them as 21.
I'm frustrated now because I've tried everything & It still wants me to get more followers are expecting new sounds but I can't do anything because of this error. my last final resort is to delete my account & start over, but I cant just give up on 120 followers, & permanently lose all of the 100+ sounds worth of saved files that i've uploaded....I cant just throw away 2yrs of hard work & dedication to making my followers happy ....pls help.:@:(:?
I have the same problem. It says I'm over the upload I normally delete older tracks..but the limit message keeps appearing. I deleted the cache and cookies..but no matter what I stays as over limit
Same problem.
I cannot upload tracks 2 months.:(
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makson4ik181 wrote:

Same problem.
I cannot upload tracks 2 months.:(

Hi there,

I've looked into your account data, and you have currently uploaded 181min of audio, i.e. you are over quota.

Hence, you'd have to either delete some of your old tracks to make space for new uploads (make sure to give the deletion process some time), or upgrade to one of our pro plans.

I Have the same problem. Deleted my last mix so I would have enough upload time. timer says that I am over my 3 hour limit with only 2 mixes of +- 1hour. the track I'm trying to upload is 40 minutes long. Would be appriciated if someone helped.
3 minutes over, have deleted several tracks; minute quota not updating.
Hopefully its fixed by morning.

Saying I have 76 tracks but I have deleted atleast 5 or 6. Will post back if issue resolves.
On my profile I previously posted a total of 8 tracks but I deleted them and took them down, now on my profile it still says I have 8 tracks when it should say I have 0. When it is clicked no tracks show and it says it seems a bit quiet over here but then it still says I have 8 tracks. Need help.
it says I only have 1 track now but i still dont and I want that taken off
I keep seeing this whenever I try uploading a new track and I only have about 1 hour worth of sound uploaded. I tried clearing my browser's cache and cookies like another thread suggested but still nothing! What gives?
I was told i was beyond my upload limit by 4 minutes and so i went and deleted about half of my 47 tracks and and now down to 20. The tracks are showing as deleted in my track list but at the top it still says i have 47 tracks as well as on my profile. Could someone from soundcloud please update my profile so that I am able to upload tracks after all I just deleted all of them
It says the exact same thing to me. Granted I've used up about 2 1/2 hours on my account but regardless it says I've gone over my 3 hour limit by 7 minutes.
Soundcloud should fix this immediately, you'll need to wait for hours to refresh the deleted tracks to upload a new one, sometimes it takes a day. Fix this problem Soundcloud.

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I forgot to mention the reason I say what i said. I uploaded a track because i was about to Finnish uploading an album. i exceeded by a minute. i deleted more then an hour. still exceeded by a minute whats with the font? why are the t's bold but the rest is not. terrific terrible tremendous terrifically triumph today guys t t t t t t t today. hard t's..yeah iknow funny guy aye. *stares in anguish*
I recently deleted 2 hour-and-a-half long mixes in order to reduce the amount of material on my page so I could upload a short 2 minute song. Soundcloud has refused to acknowledge that i have done this. How can I get soundcloud to recognize that I'm not over my limit???

I have calculated the amount of time that I have uploaded, included private links, to be 4:16:54. Why is Soundcloud still telling me I'm 89 minutes over the limit?
I also need help with this problem. I deleted a couple minutes worth of my tracks and my available upload time doesn't seem to be increasing.


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