Tracks appearing from people I have unfollowed

I was following a user, then unfollowed but they kept appearing in my feed. I've tried several times to unfollow again, which finally works, I'm not following them but they still appear in my feed!

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I have an incredible amount of tracks from a user I don't follow on my stream. Is this normal?

I'm positive I don't follow this people. The lyrics of their tracks are explicit so not really ideal family listening music. I had some 20 tracks of them in a few hours.

Is this normal?
My stream list is full of tracks from people i've unfollowed is there any way to stop this happening please? it's been like this for 5 days now
Is this a big problem seems to be more than just me and nobody is replying?
Following then unfollowing people to temporarily remove the tracks in my list i no longer follow or want and i get this


We’ve noticed a high volume of following coming from your account and we would like to ask that you slow down.

If your account is performing many more actions when compared to most others, it loses the human touch. You can find out more about this policy in our help center.

Remember that there is a fine line between promoting yourself and bombarding other users with notifications. We want our community to remain a genuine, positive place for members to interact, so remember to stick to our Community Guidelines.

Please note if you keep getting these warnings, your following abilities will be blocked as outlined in our Terms of Use.
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Hi there,

Thanks for letting us know, this is an issue we are currently experiencing and can be due to signing up to certain applications which can then follow and repost content on your behalf.

Luckily, we can manually revert this process.

Please contact our support teams directly so they can fix the issue for you.

Wishing you a great day.

Thank you for the reply Jonathan my timeline is much better now and is completely fixed many thanks
I am having the same issue as many others, with RAP COMMUNITY, REPOST COMMUNITY and Higher Aim posts appearing in my feed. I do not want them in my feed.

How is it even possible for them to get in my feed like that? How can it be just "a bug"?


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