Stream issues!!! My Stream is not showing all tracks from people i follow

My stream is not showing all the sounds it should, over two days.
I follow over hundred accounts, but it shows me only four of it.
there are a lot of people who have a similar problem with their streams.
Please fix it guys...
Thank you

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I have the same issue. There is tons for stuff in my stream I DO NOT WANT. I am about ot cancel my sub.
Also, when I listen to random likes on my mobile app. Soundcloud plays a very small subset of songs...repeating often.
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Hi there,

This should now hopefully be solved for the two of you.

Hi Mathis,

thanks for your fast reply, but unfortunately the issue is still there.

Cheers, Daniel
Defaetist wrote:

Hi Mathis,

thanks for your fast reply, but unfortunately the issue is still there.

Cheers, Daniel

Same here.
I am having the same issue.
I have been going to youtube, as my stream sucks it large, now.
Mathis - I'm having the same issues. Stream only shows history of my own reposts. Been like this for a couple weeks now. Thought it was just a bug on the phone app. Definitely not the case. No one from Soundcloud has reached out to help fix. Tried starting a thread yesterday about it and got no replies. Very frustrating...please help!
I am also having this issue:(
I have the same problem. Please help me.
I'm experiencing the same issue. My stream now shows my tracks/reposts, and activity from one other user "GeeVious", promoted tracks, and no one else.

This started happening approximately 7 days ago. Before this changed, I was seeing tracks and reposts from all of the users that I am following.

The URL to reproduce this is (when I'm logged in) is:
Having the same issue ... has been going on for about a week now.
Same issue here for a couple days now.
Tried to reinstall the app on my iphone, cleared the cache etc, but no luck...
I'm experiencing this issue intermittently, maybe 75% of the time?

Just now, I visited, and the stream was working as expected (lots of tracks & reposts from a variety of users, not just 2).


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