How to unlike multiple things at once

I have too many likes on my soundcloud and want to delete a lot of things. but when i scroll to the bottom to click on a song and unlike it. then i try to go back to my likes to continue unliking things and it takes like 70 seconds before it loads all the way to the bottom where i was...

so i need a way to unlike many things at once or how to condense my like feed so i can get to the bottom quicker

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Hello David,
I will get straight to answering your question.
Here is how it goes: You can't do that.
Hope that helps.
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Hi David,

If you would like to make a vote to make this a feature then take a look here.

Go to, then open browser console (usually F12) and put:

Press Ctrl+Shift+J (Windows / Linux) or Cmd+Opt+J (Mac). In console type this:
while ($(".sc-button-like[title='Unlike']")) {

You may need to hit up and enter a couple of times, depending on how many results are shown in page but at least it will clear a full page and not a single one like the command from Sergey Vlasov


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