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Interview recorded in SoundCloud, stuck in processing for 11 hours so far Question

I recorded an interview I did with someone earlier for an article I'm writing but it's still stuck in processing. I recorded it with the tool inside S...
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11 May 2017 08:50

Tracks Not Processing Question

Hello - Basically my problem is that when I try upload a new track it dosen't ever properly upload, the track will stay processing for days and never...
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17 June 2017 20:52

Cant upload at all Question

So i tried uploading audios from my phone, THEN i tried uploading audios directly from Soundcloud after i recorded it. My internet connection is alway...
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8 June 2017 06:21

Problem with playing one of my own tracks Question

Hey, so I started a few days ago with uploading some music that I've made myself, but I'm not able to play them. When I want to click on 'play' I get...
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15 May 2017 20:47

Upgrade to Pro Unlimited, Upload All Episodes of Old Podcast, Then Downgrade? Question

Hello, My podcast has 72 episodes so far, average around 40 minutes per show, and we're looking at adding it to SoundCloud. I was thinking the most e...
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30 May 2017 01:29

lost track after uploading Question

Hi, I've uploading one of my track but I can't see it anywhere. on my profile or somewhere else. could you help me ?
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28 April 2017 16:56

Moving an RSS feed to Soundcloud without changing it Question

Hi, We want to move a podcast from another non-commercial publication service, to Soundcloud. But we dont want to change the rss feed. We just want...
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19 April 2017 18:00

why is SoundCloud personal messaging me and deleting my tracks upon uploading? Question

Hey guy, this is my first time on this forum so bear with me, I have no clue why Soundcloud deleted my track seconds after I upload it and then litera...
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4 June 2017 01:05

Sharing on Facebook and Twitter not working. "Oops we could find that track" Question

Hi all! I'm having trouble sharing my latest track "Pushes" on my socials. I had originally posted the track, then realized it had a long 2 minute ta...
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21 May 2017 17:24

Problem with uploading Question

When I want to upload one of my tracks, everything works fine but when I want to play them, I'm not able to. Has this something to do with what kind o...
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21 May 2017 20:04

Music maker jam uploading wont work Question

Im new to Soundcloud. I joined cause i wanted to find good music and maybe try to make some of my own music. I downloaded Music maker JAM to make some...
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28 May 2017 12:50

Header Image Upload Errors? Question

Is anyone having the same errors such as mine? Whenever I try upload a header image on soundcloud, it displays, "error saving. please try again.", and...
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21 June 2017 22:59

Songs disappearing after upload Question

I uploaded a song today and it worked fine and I could listen to it, I then copied the link and closed my browser and went to the app on my iPhone to...
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20 April 2017 16:08

Cannot upload from Garageband iOS Question

iPhone 5 (iOS 10.2.1), and I've been uploading songs directly from the mobile Garageband app for years. I also have a Pro Unlimited account, so I can'...
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15 May 2017 17:00

Different audio than the original I uploaded Question

Hello to everyone. A few days ago I uploaded a track but I noticed something weird: it's like if high frequencies sound "higher", distorted. I tried t...
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19 May 2017 16:27

Track stuck in processing when uploading Question

I am trying to upload a set but it keep getting stuck in processing when i try to upload it. After the track is loaded it says "We are processing your...
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2 June 2017 08:34

Can't upload songs to SoundCloud (Track processing) Question

Upon uploading a song, the track gets stuck in the "track processing" stage. The file format is correct and I've tried changing the link but nothing s...
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6 May 2017 09:35

New upload doesn't show on my front page nor on feed

I have the exact same problem with my track: Help would be greatly appreciated!
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4 May 2017 16:57

Unable to Download Original File Question

I recently updated a large amount of tracks by replacing them with different files. I don't have a copy of the new files, and need to download them fr...
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18 May 2017 00:19

What to do when my track is stuck in processing?

Hey there creators, We sometimes see users getting in touch, explaining their newest and freshest tracks are stuck in processing. Yikes! This can hav...
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22 June 2017 13:55