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Cant upload at all Question

So i tried uploading audios from my phone, THEN i tried uploading audios directly from Soundcloud after i recorded it. My internet connection is alway...
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28 April 2017 12:16

lost track after uploading Question

Hi, I've uploading one of my track but I can't see it anywhere. on my profile or somewhere else. could you help me ?
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25 April 2017 21:56

why is SoundCloud personal messaging me and deleting my tracks upon uploading? Question

Hey guy, this is my first time on this forum so bear with me, I have no clue why Soundcloud deleted my track seconds after I upload it and then litera...
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22 April 2017 10:44

Moving an RSS feed to Soundcloud without changing it Question

Hi, We want to move a podcast from another non-commercial publication service, to Soundcloud. But we dont want to change the rss feed. We just want...
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19 April 2017 18:00

Songs disappearing after upload Question

I uploaded a song today and it worked fine and I could listen to it, I then copied the link and closed my browser and went to the app on my iPhone to...
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20 April 2017 16:08

Header Image Upload Errors? Question

Is anyone having the same errors such as mine? Whenever I try upload a header image on soundcloud, it displays, "error saving. please try again.", and...
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26 April 2017 14:24