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Re-show track which have been hide after uploading another track Question

Hi! When I upload my last track, I was out of upload time and then my oldest tracks have been hidden. Then I delete one of my track to free more upl...
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20 April 2017 16:36

Upload looping for 3 days Question

Hi there, i understand there is very little you can do for me except forward plans to address the problem in your next update but i find the upload sy...
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21 April 2017 15:19

Songs disappearing after upload Question

I uploaded a song today and it worked fine and I could listen to it, I then copied the link and closed my browser and went to the app on my iPhone to...
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20 April 2017 16:08

HIDDEN TRACKS due exceeding upload limit - how to make them public again? Question

Hi! My tracks are made 'hidden' due to exceeding the max. upload limit. I upgraded to PRO but my tracks remain hidden. My account says I have 117 min...
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19 April 2017 14:22

mono streaming 128 kps on iphone eliminates lead vocal Question

when played thru stereo headphones it is fine.I troubleshooted by going back to my DAW to see if there were phase problems. I found a plugin on the vo...
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21 April 2017 17:47