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Playback pauses randomly up to 500ms on Safari

Something that bugs me a lot are the random stops that occur while playing a track. They are quite short, on average a quarter second. But they are ve...
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14 May 2017 16:32

Tracks distorted on mobile Question

Tracks play fine on PC but on mobile-Apple & Andriod- plays distorted. iTunes podcast tracks have the same issue. I cannot find any current 2017 h...
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11 May 2017 12:27

Why no support for multimedia buttons?

Hello. As a user of 'FN'-type keyboard and 8-button mouse I'd like to have an ability to control playback with multimedia keys, like 'previous', 'next...
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19 May 2017 20:19

Playback issues on latest iOS app release

Hello Community, We’re seeing reports of playback problems on the latest iOS app release. Engineers are investigating the cause of the problem...
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13 May 2017 18:19

Track thumbnail distortion on mobile playback Question

I can't figure out what dimension my thumbnails should be to make sure I can keep the track information on the thumbnail when it zooms in for playback...
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26 April 2017 15:55

Offline tracks not playing properly on iOS Question

Since the latest iOS update, my offline tracks will not start playing by themselves. They appear to be loading but will never load past 0:00 unless I...
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20 May 2017 02:33

Opera Browser unable to play anything Question

Hello there, i use the Opera browser and i can't get it to work with soundcloud. Every time i want to play a track on the page i get the notificati...
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24 May 2017 17:11