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Sort playlists by:Artist, Length, Date, Plays, Reposts etc... Question

I think that we should be able to sort our playlists by artists, date etc... that would be a nice feature to have on this site...
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25 March 2017 19:56

Disable Reposts Setting? Solved

I love following some artists, but they repost too many and irrelevant songs. I'd use SoundCloud so much more if I was able to hide reposts from my fe...
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23 March 2017 14:55

Feature Request: Create a three-tier track filing hierarchy

Hey Soundcloud Team, I would like to see an additional level of file management added to track uploads. At the time of writing this request, as a pro...
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17 March 2017 19:49

Please localize! We need some multi language! Solved

It's now a long while being with Soundcloud for us. Still there is no language option. We need a German Soundcloud ... some others may urgently need s...
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8 April 2016 15:27

Is there a "jump to bottom" function implemented? Solved

Unfortunately there is (as it seems) no "jump to bottom" function on the soundcloud web-page. Im fine with the new layout and everything so far, but i...
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31 October 2014 21:49

Restrict embeds to certain domains? Solved

I am uploading an audiobook to Soundcloud, but I'm mainly using it for hosting purposes. The audiobook is meant to be streamed via a members-only sect...
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27 September 2015 06:35

Can Pro Ultimated Users set a banner on the top of they page? Solved

Can i put a banner on the top of my page with a pro plan??
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10 June 2015 20:35

Opus codec support on SoundCloud? Solved

Do you plan to add support for Opus codec (*.opus files) for upload and playback? Opus is patent free, state of the art modern codec which surpasses M...
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19 April 2016 00:18

Playlist track soft-deletion

Hi, I have been trying to find a track in my likes and my playlists which I believe has been deleted. It would be better if Soundcloud just disabled...
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6 March 2017 14:15

Messages direct click to artist Solved

In the messages, I cannot click the artist name to go to their SC page. As it is now, I have to copy their SC name then search it, then click on thei...
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6 February 2017 00:39

Lock embedded tracks to a domain

It would be really great if you could lock the ability to embed tracks and playlists to a specific domain. We have a membership site where we want to...
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24 January 2017 17:22