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Volume Control for the Embedded Player Widget Question

I'm sure this has been brought up multiple times, but why is this still not a feature?
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16 June 2017 15:27

Suggestion - Tracklists and indexing by time

Hi there soundcloud team, it would be awesome to have a tracklisting on uploads which could allow for - tracklists for DJsets, so a user could find a...
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29 May 2017 07:46

New Stat Feature Request

Number of plays for a track is not that useful to determine popularity of a track. I prefer "number of comments" or at least a 10% Like to Play ratio...
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6 May 2017 21:32

Listening History for the API? Question

Not sure if this would count as a feature request or I just overlooked this in the API docs, but does soundcloud have an endpoint for the most recentl...
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11 May 2017 22:12

Requesting features for the app? Social links in mobile app. Question

I've noticed that most of my listeners listen via the app, but I've also noticed that social links only appear on the desktop page. I thought it might...
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4 May 2017 19:14