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I want to know who listens my tracks in full length Question

Hi, we've been on SoundCloud for a while now and recently we got the mark of 40,000 listens and we are proud of that, but we really want to know how m...
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18 April 2017 15:20

Anyone else noticing a steep decline in stats this week?

Maybe I am just a sucky musician, but I noticed a drastic decline in plays this week. Anyone else noticing less plays and interactions overall? Are...
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25 June 2017 15:27

Bot plays from Ashburn, VA? Question

Hi, I tried emailing this to but it bounced back and said they no longer monitor that email addr. Here's the email I sent along:...
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15 June 2017 17:57

How to gain more followers/likes on soundcloud? Question

Hello! I am an amateur cover artist and I haven't been that active in soundcloud. But now, I'm planning to be more active and post more covers. I real...
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5 May 2017 11:07

Stats are off Question

My stats are off for my latest track. Reposts show 2 when there are 25 for instance. MY track count on my profile is also off. At this point it would...
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11 May 2017 03:46

likes count error one my track Question

I have received several emails from different users telling me that one of my tracks (the title is Vuoto) has received a like but the track stats disp...
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1 June 2017 16:44

Stats - Podcast Question

Most plays are shown in statistics as "other tracks". How do I solve this problem? This greatly affects my work. Tks.
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22 April 2017 21:40

Deleting my comments? Question

Hello, I wanted to restore my comments, recently I have about 650 comments, I was clicking all day and when I got to 500 comments, the page refreshed...
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29 April 2017 17:56

How can I see which songs a registered user has listened to as often? Question

In the statistics (Soundcloud Pro) you can see which user has heard the most. If there for example with a user stands, it has (in the whole period) 40...
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26 April 2017 17:45

Drastic Reduction In Plays Question

Anyone else seeing a drastic reduction in plays since May 1st? It seems like everything was normal on April 30th, and then we suddenly started losing...
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8 May 2017 06:24

Disappearing plays Question

HI About two weeks ago my track "warrior" went from over 2000 plays to 1500. I have contacted SoundCloud Support on twitter but they don't see to be...
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12 June 2017 12:29

Presales Podcast Question RSS feed Question

Hi, I have a free account and before I go pro I want to make sure I understand this correctly. Only files marked "include in RSS feed" will be in m...
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27 June 2017 15:47

New Stat Feature Request

Number of plays for a track is not that useful to determine popularity of a track. I prefer "number of comments" or at least a 10% Like to Play ratio...
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6 May 2017 21:32

Soundcloud following stats are incorrect Question

Hi, my stats are not being displayed correctly. I'm only following 6 people but my profile shows that I'm following 8 people. I need to fix this.
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13 June 2017 12:19

I updated my profile header graphic, and lost all my followers! WTH?!? Solved

Hello all! Brian K. James, "The Engineer" of Daibutsu Music and BUDDHA BEATS podcast here. I have just updated my profile header graphic with a phot...
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14 June 2017 00:04

why have all my player counts stopped working D .A . V . I . D etc etc Question

2 weeks ago i was unable to post my links to tumblr ... problem still exists , now my player counts have stopped working for two weeks , then when i t...
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26 April 2017 11:10