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I want to know who listens my tracks in full length Question

Hi, we've been on SoundCloud for a while now and recently we got the mark of 40,000 listens and we are proud of that, but we really want to know how m...
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18 April 2017 15:20

Deleting my comments? Question

Hello, I wanted to restore my comments, recently I have about 650 comments, I was clicking all day and when I got to 500 comments, the page refreshed...
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29 April 2017 17:56

Stats - Podcast Question

Most plays are shown in statistics as "other tracks". How do I solve this problem? This greatly affects my work. Tks.
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22 April 2017 21:40

How can I see which songs a registered user has listened to as often? Question

In the statistics (Soundcloud Pro) you can see which user has heard the most. If there for example with a user stands, it has (in the whole period) 40...
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26 April 2017 17:45

Presales Podcast Question RSS feed Question

Hi, I have a free account and before I go pro I want to make sure I understand this correctly. Only files marked "include in RSS feed" will be in m...
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20 April 2017 20:34

why have all my player counts stopped working D .A . V . I . D etc etc Question

2 weeks ago i was unable to post my links to tumblr ... problem still exists , now my player counts have stopped working for two weeks , then when i t...
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26 April 2017 11:10