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Problem replacing files in Libsyn and stats resetting on SoundCloud Question

We use Libsyn to host our RSS feed, and SoundCloud is one of the destinations we send the feed to. It works fine, other than that if we need to repla...
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25 April 2017 16:05

Stats - Podcast Question

Most plays are shown in statistics as "other tracks". How do I solve this problem? This greatly affects my work. Tks.
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22 April 2017 21:40

episode description update to rss Question

I updated the text description of an episode in Soundcloud but that update has not fed to the RSS. Is there a way to update the text description witho...
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24 April 2017 21:16

Bad RSS- Good Profile Pic- No Previous Problems Question

Hi! I have been running my podcast on iTunes through SoundCloud with no errors since about January. The last two uploads to tracks have not gone th...
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24 April 2017 13:09