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I'm trying to validate my new podcast on iTunes but they say that iTunes can't download my podcast... I went into the settings and made sure everything could be downloaded in the permissions.. What's going on!! There's the link I'm using!! What should I do?!?!?Here's the link to my rss feed...
Hello, I have having an issue getting my stitcher account to update my RSS feed. I have made some changes on my soundcloud account (deleted all episodes and updated the profile photo) I expected the RSS feed to update and be reflected in my stitched account. It has been over a month and I can't seem to figure out why my stitched account wont update. Please help, this is frustrating.
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Hi there @A Woman's Empire,

I've moved your question over here - please see the original post for general info and FAQ's.

Here's what you'll have to do to get your RSS feed working for services like Stitcher & iTunes:
a) update your profile image to one that is at least 1400x1400px in size (3000x3000px at most)
b) add at least one episode to be included in your RSS feed.

This should do the trick for you :-)

I keep getting this error can anyone tell me why? Can’t parse your feed. Invalid XML: Error on line 52: Character reference "�" is an invalid XML character.
I have finally figured it out... Or so I thought! After sending my feed through another website to confirm it's valid, I go to iTunes to submit and then it says my cover art isnt 1400 x 1400. But it is and I cant seem to understand why my cover art isn't fitting. Here is my URL Feed
Hey Chris Mai if you're out there I need your assistance, thanks! Or if anyone else knows how to fix this issue!
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Hello Podcasters,

You've reviewed the Help Center section for both general Podcasting and the troubleshooting section, yet still haven't found the answer? This might just be the right place for you to look then :-)

Below are some of the top questions that our community asks in relation to podcasting.

How do I redirect my current feed to SoundCloud?
This is generally the responsibility of the current provider, some providers make this really easy, some more difficult. this Help Center article explains this a bit more.

How do I redirect my SoundCloud feed elsewhere?
This one is simple. Add your new feed location into the subscriber redirect section on your content settings page. Outlined in this Help Center article.

My Podcast is not submitting to iTunes!
Don't worry. Everything is outlined in this Help Center article.

Generally speaking, make sure you have included at least one episode in your feed, your artwork / profile picture on SoundCloud is the correct size (square, between 1400 x 1400px and 3000 x 3000px), and that you have added a category for your podcast. Also, make sure you don't have anything in your subscriber redirect field or stats service prefix (you'll find this in your SoundCloud account settings). There should only be a new feed location in the subscriber redirect field if you actually want to continue hosting future episode somewhere other than on SoundCloud. Anything else will break the feed.

An episode is missing from my podcast on iTunes / Changes made are not reflected.
The first thing to check here is that you have included the track in your feed by enabling Include in RSS feed on the track’s settings page. It’s also worth noting that changes to the RSS feed can take up to 24 hours to reflect over on iTunes, so you may just need to wait a moment. If both of those criteria are met, then the best thing you can do is to refresh your feed with iTunes. What you'll need to do is log in with your account used to submit the podcast to iTunes' Podcasts Connect portal they offer: and click your podcast to see details, then click Refresh. This triggers the iTunes Store to re-check your feed. If that doesn't work and you're still having issues, you'll need to contact iTunes directly to resolve a missing episode. In this instance, you can contact iTunes support by clicking the “Contact Us” link at the bottom, here:

What’s the deal with podtrac & feedburner stats service things?
Some of you want to track further information about your podcast, such as subscriber numbers etc., and the best thing to do at the moment will be to use podtrac or feedburner for this. For more information around this, see this Help Center article.

Where is my name, description and image pulled from and can I change them?
SoundCloud uses your Display name as the podcast name. If you want to change this, you can add a custom feed title on the content settings page. Check this Help Center article.

My category is not listed.
We only have one list of categories to choose from at the moment, but extending this has been forwarded to our product team as a feature request.

Podcasting Stats?
RSS downloads count towards total plays, but you can differentiate between these downloads and on-site plays via the new RSS tab on your stats page (as shown in this screenshot: Also in the Apps section you can see a total number of plays / downloads via the feed under RSS feed. The old RSS tab ( is still included in stats and can cause confusion to some of you - this is a hangover from a previous way of counting stats. We are planning to remove this and incorporate these older stats into the new format as soon as possible. We do not offer stats on number of followers.

Can I rearrange the order of the tracks in my feed?
Sorry, nope, it’s the same as on SoundCloud. Tracks are arranged chronologically in your RSS feed, like they do on your profile, with your latest uploads at the top. There is not a way to rearrange your tracks in your RSS feed. As a workaround, you can delete and upload your podcast’s episodes in the desired order.

We hope that some of these things help you sort out some of the most pressing questions about Podcasting on SoundCloud.

All the best
Are there any plans to allow for fully formattable episode summaries/descriptions?

As of now, our show notes show up as a garbled mess on iTunes and many other service. This includes the inability to embed links.

This is essential for us and many other podcasters.
I just post full URL to my podcast descriptions, it works best.

It also has to be unformated, only plain texts and links.

It works.
A listener just informed me he can no longer listen to the first 47 episodes of my show on his podcasting app. I checked my RSS feed on Soundcloud and it no longer shows the first 47 episodes.

Is anyone else experiencing this?
Track not showing in my RSS feed
tracks are not private
RSS feed is not full
no problem with copyright

someone can resolve this problem ?
sobeltomas wrote:

I just post full URL to my podcast descriptions, it works best.

It also has to be unformated, only plain texts and links.

It works.

Unfortunately, that is not a solution we are seeking as all other major platforms allow for formattable descriptions.
Is there a way to make the soundcloud, not private, but completely invisible so that i host my audio files on soundcloud, but have everyone download or listen to the podcast on itunes? i would like the account to not be visible on the web also. If anyone knows any information on this, it would be much appreciate it

thank you,
Hi Mathis,

I have managed to connect my RSS feed to ITunes but I'm not able to see my artwork - it just looks black. Would you happen to know why this is the case?



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