iTunes won't validate my podcast feed


Just trying to upload my pod cast to itunes and google play but have a warning sign from "itunes connect" stating -

Podcast artwork must be between 1400 x 1400 and 3000 x 3000 pixels, JPG or PNG, in RGB color space, and hosted on a server that allows HTTP head requests.

I have:

- updated my profile art work in photoshop 3x from 1400x1400 pixels - 1500x1500 - 2000x2000 - no success
- adjusted the image with jpeg and png -no success
- the colours used is RGB - no success

My page link -

HELP!!! ( and please be detailed.... I'm new to this.... thx)

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Hi there,

The image iTunes is grabbing is your SoundCloud profile picture. This can sometimes be confused with a track artwork for instance. Here's the steps to change that:

Other than that, best way to get started is to review our Podcasting section on the Help Center. I couldn't describe it in more detail myself, really. :-)

Happy Podcasting
I think there is a bug in SoundCloud with this. When I went to my profile and clicked "edit" and changed my pic there, it wouldn't work with itunes. But, when I was on my profile, and clicked "update image" right under my existing pic, itunes took it just fine. Weird.


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