How to change iTunes subcategory?

How can I change my podcast subcategory from Business News to Management and Marketing?

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Hi there,

Thank you for posting. Currently, changing the subcategory is not an option - sorry. You query does make sense though and I'll forward it to our podcasting team accordingly.

This was 4 months ago. Still not possible.
Still no go?
Still no go?
It's still not possible to change your sub-category, but you do get one despite there not being an option. Is there a workaround to figure out how this sorting even happens?
This is a fairly important option for iTunes categorization. Any solutions?
¿Any solution?
You can do it now in Soundcloud
Bra damer wrote:

You can do it now in Soundcloud

How can I add subcategories? Can _t find it
Bra damer wrote:

You can do it now in Soundcloud

I'd love to know how to change a subcategory on sound cloud - could you specify any instructions?
I also am wanting to change sub-category but as of 10/13/2016 this doesn't seem to be an option. Will SoundCloud make this possible considering iTunes is the one of the top sources of podcast listening??
Bumping this as a subcategory selection field would be fantastic - currently we're lumped in with the main Arts category heading rather being able to choose a sub.
I don't see any place on Soundcloud to add anything but a single category. Please enlighten!


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