Create topic from Android. Make 'Enable Downloads' default setting

Hi there,

Two questions to ask...

The first question is how do I create or comment on a topic from a Samsung S6? The second question I want to ask I was going to ask via my Android but I have logged in via my laptop because I could not do it from my phone.

The steps I took to do this are below:

1) I logged in to this account with my Android app
2) The 'Help Center' link opens a browser window that is separate to the app
3) The 'Help Community' link opens within the browser
4) There is a 'Sign in' button
5) Pressing the Sign in button tells us that 'previous Help forum content' has been moved 'to our new Help Community'
6) There is a 'Connect with Soundcloud' button which takes me back to the App
7) I am still logged in to the app
8) Clicking the 'Help Center' link opens a new window within the browser and the same sequence of events occurs from Step 2.

How do I log in to the Help Community from a Samsung S6 as this sent me round in circles? (I gave up when opening the 5th browser window)

Ok, so the question I wanted to ask is this...

Can I switch the 'Enable Downloads' facility to be ON as default for anything I upload?
If not, can I set the 'Enable Downloads' facility to be ON when uploading a track?
Or, must I wait until the track has been uploaded and processed before changing the setting?

If I cannot change this setting prior to uploading do you mind if I ask why not? And could you implement it please?

Many thanks for time when reading this.

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