I have a soundcloud playlist and it had over 140 songs on it uploaded by people, then randomly all disappeared and only 9 tracks are left

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Mathis wrote:

Hi Rasmus,

I believe the playlist in question is this one?

If so, any chance you can recall any of the tracks that you had in there? If so, can you still find those tracks on SoundCloud? Otherwise, chances are that the tracks were made private or have been removed from SoundCloud since you've added them.

Let us know if you can recall any of the tracks so we can take a closer look into this.


My soundcloud deletes songs from my likes even thoe they havent been removed they just disappear and i have to go find it again and add them and for the playlists it deletes and even add songs that werent even in the playlists
Same problem... Any solucion?
Veronica Linares wrote:

Same problem... Any solucion?

don't update
sry4dest wrote:

Same happened to me. I had OVER 500 songs in it. Now I'm at 199. Out of nowhere they disappeared. It's a shame, since I was building this playlist up since nearly a year now.
No way I can ever recall all those songs.
I just hope there's a way you guys can fix that and "restore" the list Sigh...

I've been listening to some tracks on my playlist, which had over a thousand tracks, when I was forcibly signed out, out of nowhere. When I logged in again right away, I found that my a huge chunk of my playlist has disappeared (It has around 300 songs now).
Veronica Linares wrote:

Same problem... Any solucion?

Hi Moderators, Could you please act on your answers i see in almost every forum with this subject. Do you even have productmanagers who use feedback to innovate the product? My songs are dissapearing on a regular bases, AND NO!! THEY DIDN'T DISSAPEARED BECAUSE THE USERS CHANGED THEM TO PRIVATE SONGS!

Please help all of us to understand what happens, or at least build a notification prompt when songs are dissapearing in playlists. Then we can add them again, because 999 out of 1000 times the song is still available and not changed into private.

Thank you for creating Soundcloud

And here we are SoundCloud, approximately a a year later with no solution or suggestions on how to correct this issue. It is obviously happening on a consistent basis, how has your team not made any progress to address the issue? Rather than providing an invalid response that obviously does not apply to our circumstances, hire some software programmers/ IT people to address it.

Here is the issue in simple terms:
SONGS ADDED TO PLAYLIST ARE DISAPPEARING (OR NOT SHOWING UP) WITHOUT NOTICE OR EXPLAINATION, even when that song is still available for listening and not set on private.

How do you intend on addressing the issue?
RIP Soundcloud, it was a good relationship while it lasted.

If you can't support the artist, there are other ways to obtain the songs.
I had my plalylist with over 200 songs.......
Now only 36 are left.
What is the reason behind this ?
This has happened for the 3rd time with me
I have the same problem my soundcloud play list is also gone. I have more than 90 tracks in that. I wanna know where they are?


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