Where to go to get the SoundCloud support you need

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Hello SoundCloud Community,

Our support team is constantly trying to improve your experience with SoundCloud, especially when you have questions or need help. There are a number of ways to find help and reach out to other SoundCloud users and to our support teams, some of which I would like to point out today.

  1. The Help Community. Find answers to your questions & discuss with other SoundCloud users & our moderators.
  2. Twitter. Let us know what’s up in 140 characters.
  3. The Help Center. Read articles on a variety of topics, our Help Center has you covered.

But wait, there’s more!

It is now possible to submit detailed tickets for specific support issues via our new and improved ticket forms on the Help Center.

The more we know about your particular issue, the quicker we can resolve your inquiry. Our new ticket forms will guide you through a set of questions that will help us gather information from the very beginning of your request so that we can get started right away on solving your problem. This will help in situations where we need to perform an action on your behalf, such as:
  • Helping with payment & billing issues specific to your account
  • Responding to violations you see on the platform
  • Verifying account ownership & helping users regain access to accounts
  • And more!

We hope that you’ll be able to find lots of useful, educational, and easy to access information in all of our support channels, and ideally you’ll be able to solve your issue via a help article or in a discussion with other users. However, when you need us to perform an action on your behalf, these improved ticket forms will be a great place to seek support.

Thanks for being valued SoundCloud Community members


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For the past week, I have noticed that I'm unable to promote friend's SoundCloud posts by sharing them with my Tumblr.

Is this a know issue? Has anyone else been experiencing this?

I do not use twitter, but can definitely by reached via SoundCloud.

Thanks for any help!!
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There's lots of threads about this Tumblr issue on the "Share & Embed" section:
I'm new to soundcloud and I can't get past first base. I have done a couple of test recordings on my PC. Everything seems to be working but when I stop I can't find a playback button so I can edit.
My stream won't update !? Tracks appearing from people I have unfollowed
Truly mind-boggling how there is no obvious way to contact someone about billing. I've already wasted half an hour looking for this ticket system. Un-believable.
It's really a shame that most other services offer at least a direct "contact", "feedback" button or something similar. Therefore, I had to resort posting it on here. The problem that me and many others have is the forced advertisements. It used to work so beautifully without them, so why did they suddenly become nessescary? I for one am never ever going to click on an ad that forces itself on my screen. This kind of user treatment is sad, and I honestly wish you guys would go back to your previous scheme.
Soundcloud used to be such a great platform to listen to new songs on the go, and now it's become commercialized, even worse, it's trying to force the decision on users wether they want to continously have to stop their song and try again or pay money. Please make it possible to give direct feedback in the future.

kind regards,


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