Playback issues on latest iOS app release

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Hello Community,

We’re seeing reports of playback problems on the latest iOS app release. Engineers are investigating the cause of the problem at the moment.

Please see our Status Blog for further updates on this issue.

Thank you and all the best
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Honestly I'm paying money for SoundCloud go and I can't even listen to any music let alone the premium music. Please fix your busted app before tonight because there's the party and I'm tryna cop the aux chord.
Yeah, I'm having the same problem also I can't listen to anything signed in my account but if I'm signed out I can. Please fix this.
Im already paying for free music. Now I'm paying for free music I can't listen to... cool beans
Yeah, nothing plays. Thankful I'm
Paying for it. :/
This is bs. I can only listen to tracks when I'm not logged into my account, you better have a new iOS update asap. I can't go any longer its been 3 days now... FIX IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :@
Please please fix it. I was in a bus ride and waited so long for just one song to play!!! Not happy right now
Please fix this problem.
This has been going on for several days now, please make this a top priority fix.
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Hello everyone,

Thanks for hanging in there. Our engineers have now rolled out the fix for the playback issue that has been occurring lately. To observe the fix, please clear your app’s cache (delete/reinstall on iOS) and update to latest version of the app, if necessary.

Thanks for fixing this so promptly guys! I really appreciate it!
I was trying to fix my Soundcloud Premium because I thought it was a problem on my hand. I ended buying another whole subscription on top of the one I had and now, all my 1300+ songs and albums are gone from my account. I need to know how I can get my songs back and a partial refund?
My soundcloud is still not working