How To Optimize Your Profile

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Before You Start

So, you’re all set and ready with the audio you want to share, but before uploading your track, don’t forget to let people know more about yourself. We highly recommend referencing our Creator Guide for ways to optimize your profile, and share your tracks.

Below are 4 essential profile elements to let other SoundClouders find you easily and learn all they need to know about you and your audio.

Display Name and Profile URL

If other users are searching for you on SoundCloud, make locating your profile as easy as possible for them by making your Display Name and Profile URL clear, correct and concise. You can edit these as described here.

When it comes to your Display Name be sure to display it as you would anywhere else, include spaces and capital letters.

Profile Artwork

How else can you spot the SoundCloud user you're looking for? One visual key is their Profile artwork. By heading to your Settings page you can upload the image you want to showcase on your SoundCloud profile.

Tip: Images must be under 2mb, and SoundCloud works best with at least 1000x1000px square images.

Social Links

There is so much value in connecting with your fans on different social networks. Why not pad out your SoundCloud profile with up to 10 links to your website, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more? Again, follow the lead on this article on our Help Center to learn how to set this up.


One of the top requests we receive is to find a better way to control which of your tracks or playlists should be displayed when people visit your SoundCloud profile. That’s why we've introduced Spotlight. Spotlight comes with all Pro accounts and lets you pin up to five tracks or playlists to the top of your SoundCloud profile. Click here to learn how to set it up.

Do you have other ways to improve and optimize your public profile on SoundCloud? Share them with the Help Community.


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I am interested in making my SoundCloud profile more attractive to mobile device users. Any Suggestions. Right now, when you use the Android SoundCloud App and goto Profile/Info is looks very dull.
last laptop
Hello, I hope someone can help me here. I have a default pic that I uploaded that's 41 kb and it is showing as black across 3 different browsers and also on my mobile devices. I've also uploaded a banner and an image for my track. Any idea why all my images are coming out black after upload?
Mannyfest Design wrote:

Any idea why all my images are coming out black after upload?

Can you upload the images to this thread?
@Chris Mai
Here are my images.
Try clearing your browser cache and re-uploading as your images appear valid.
My default image worked however the banner and the track image didn't.
I had to make the images around 300 kb and under, then they finally appeared. 2MB max did not allow me to post my images, however the images are now up!!! Thank you Chris for the step towards the right direction. The file size was so small that when uploading I was warned that the image may appear blurry. Better blurry than nothing at all. :D
Mannyfest Design wrote:

My default image worked however the banner and the track image didn't.

Your banner and track image look good to me.


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