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Hello Help Community,

We've noticed an increase of personal messages to our moderators. While we love to hear from you no matter what, please understand that we cannot always troubleshoot issues on an individual basis via personal messaging at this time.

Not to worry, though. Depending on the nature of your issue, the answer to your question might be around the corner.

  • Please see if our Help Center has more info on your specific question or issue.
  • Is there any info on the Status Blog that might be related to the issue you're experiencing?
  • The help community might be able to help.
  • Twitter, maybe?
  • If none of this helps, you can reach out to our support team directly via or via the Ask us directly button on specific articles on our Help Center.

Thanks for your understanding & all the best

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All I asked for was a link to my audio files and I get this...
smh, please respond to my request. This prevents me having to send a personal message in the first place.
My request still stands and hasn't been answered once.
It doesn't appear that you intend to troubleshoot most issues submitted by what appears to be an extremely dissatisfied community.

Lack of access to comments from the iOS app, quirky behavior, lack of transparency in your development workflow, and disingenuous platitudes while ignoring what your users want will never produce optimal profitability.

It's very sad, and disturbing.


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