WTF - Banned for following after following just 7 people??

I recently was blocked from following people for 2 days after following 7 PEOPLE. 7. that's S-E-V-E-N. Not 700, 7. Seven.
I had a ban for following previously because I use the "who to follow" tab a lot. I am a DJ and promoter who is always looking for new talent and fresh tracks to play before they are released on iTunes etc and so obviously I use my account a lot to scour soundcloud for up and coming producers. I follow people mainly with pro accounts and a couple thousand followers who look serious about their music but haven't made it big yet. I got a 24 hour ban from following after using the 'who to follow" tab to follow about 40 people and then a second (2 day) ban after following just 7 people when I tried again 4 days later.
WHAT THE ACTUAL F*CK SOUNDCLOUD?? Is this how you treat your pro users? Is my next ban going to be a week long after I follow 2 people in the space of 24 hours? What the f*ck is the point in having a "who to follow" tab if you're just going to ban people for using it? Your copyright system is ridiculous but this is just plain f*cking stupid.

Please restore my follow ban threshold to a normal, usable, sensible amount and remind me why I pay you guys $16 a month for a Pro account.


A very dissatisfied customer,

Sean Ferres (BIGMOO)

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Similar problem amigo.

I originally followed a lot of people on my mobile (didnt know at time me bad) but had no warnings until i went on my PC with first warning. Then got blocked after following back i think around 10 people. Sent a message to unblock me asking what daily limit is with no reply. 2 days later i get unblocked and followed back only around 10 people again. Now im blocked for another 6 days. I dont think this is fair as on second and third occassion i was not following back that many people. How can i take this further?
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Please give us a reply someone as this seems pretty unfaif if you are not getting warnings on mobile only on pc and not followed that many people back on 2nd and 3rd strike
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Hi everyone,

Please see this article on our Help Center to prevent being blocked again, and to understand why there's such a system in the first place. If you have further questions after reading the article, please reach out to our Trust & Safety team directly (trust[at]



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